What about accent and pronunciation? What tips do you have to make us better understood?     -Laura

I think the secret to accent and pronunciation is imitation.

You can isolate some sounds, and practice repeating them over and over, sure. And this will help some, but there is no substitute for a lot of exposure to the accent you wish to imitate, and imitating the accent when you hear it.

I find that accent has a lot to do with personality. For example, when I'm with my friends from Argentina, I feel like it's easy for me to pick up that accent, because I feel like it works with my personality.

For my students who are interested in improving their accent, especially in English, I recommend that they find their "spirit actor". Your spirit actor is based on the concept of a "spirit animal" -- like a panther, lion, eagle, or something, that inspires you and brings that part of your spirit forward.

Spirit actor is a movie actor that you feel inspires your personality. Then you just watch movies with that actor, whom you enjoy watching, and you might naturally pick up their gestures, attitude, accent and pronunciation. 

(My spirit actor is Ryan Gosling.)